Performance with Viviana Druga

In her performance “The fat dreams of an Eastern bear“ Viviana Druga takes visitors on a journey to channel the energy of the Ukranian bear, a distant cousin of the Berlin bear. Fat as a materialized power source is a medicine used in archaic cultures centering bears throughout Eastern Europe. By using “bear fat vapors”, the ritualista offers healing to the participants, while enabling them to connect with nature.
What is the significance of rituals in contemporary life? How can spiritual practices help to connect with nature and with oneself – and how can we reflect on them?

"Art for me is a magical activity, a ritual that could help subjects (people) discover new dimensions of themselves." Viviana Druga

In her work Romanian artist Viviana Druga explores the relationship of nature and humans, using ritual practices touching upon issues like healing, rebirth and feminine aesthetics.

With this performance, Viviana Druga invites visitors to discuss contemporary healing practices and their relation to ritual, tradition and heritage.

The performance will take place on an outdoor terrace of the Bärenzwinger. Admission is free.
Access according to the 3G regulation for those tested (negative antigen test not older than 24h), vaccinated or recovered.

The presale period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Bärenzwinger Berlin

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