Welcome to BalticRuby! A brand-new conference traveling across the Baltic Sea promoting the growth of local communities and the global Ruby/Rails ecosystem.
We genuinely hope that your attendance at the conference, set against the backdrop of the seaside, as well as our efforts to involve global players in the Ruby/Rails ecosystem, will offer a unique participation experience and help foster the growth of regional communities.
Sea ya on the Baltic shore!

Where does the event happen? Malmö, Sweden

When does the event happen?
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This ticket type is intended for those who are just starting their career as a Ruby/Rails developer. That's why it's free. However, acquiring it is possible only after confirmation of your professional level by the conference organizers. You can fill out the application on the website to become a participant and get a good start for your career: https://balticruby.org/bootcamp

29 currently available


OSS Contributor

This ticket is intended for participants of the OSS Expo. BalticRuby is committed to supporting and advancing OSS projects of both regional and global significance. That's why this ticket is free. However, acquiring it is possible only after confirmation by the organizers and filling out the application for participation in the OSS Expo: https://balticruby.org/expo

29 currently available




This ticket is intended for those who are paying for their participation out of pocket and do not require an invoice.

168 currently available

250,00 € plus 25% VAT


This ticket is intended for those whose employer is covering the cost, and it includes support for invoices, which will be issued after the conference has been held.

187 currently available

350,00 € plus 25% VAT


If you're ready to support our young conference with a special donation, this ticket is for you. Your name will be forever inscribed on the Conference Patrons board on our website.

20 currently available

500,00 € plus 25% VAT