Women Composers Concert: The pink danger – an evening of songs


Denise Seyhan, Vocals

Philip Dahlem, Piano

When we think of composition as a profession, do we actually have the picture of a woman or that of a man in our minds? Probably that of a man. But wouldn't we like to meet these pioneering women who fought the windmills of social ignorance too? And don't we want to finally hear the work of these pioneering women who fought against the wheels of social ignorance? And don't we want to finally hear these compositions, which often came to light only under the most adverse circumstances? For a long time, society saw itself threatened in its patriarchal self-evidence by a woman composer. After all, society had recognized the genius of Lili Boulanger, who tore down the fortress of this maledominated domain in 1913, and labeled her "the pink danger". Gustav Mahler wrote a letter to his later wife Alma Schindler in which he made it a condition for marriage that she should give up composing. What happens to an artist whose power to flourish is smothered in the seeds? And what if, due to favorable (and at that time unusual) circumstances, a blossoming is possible?

As "Mimusen Duo", opera singer Denise Seyhan and pianist Philip Dahlem take you on a journey to a feminine world with strong women, thrilling life stories and mesmerizing, rarely heard sounds. With its program, the ensemble would like to provide an insight into the lives and thoughts of particular female artists in an enjoyable and informative way, and help to ensure that their works finally receive the deserved and long overdue place on concert stages. With works by Pauline Viardot-Garcia, Clara Schumann, Cécile Chaminade and Alma Mahler-Werfel.

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Where does the event happen? Nicolaihaus, Nicolaistr. 3, 59423 Unna

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