Workshop Day

Whisky Tasting
Interested in high-quality whisky, but no opportunity to get to know it yet? Here is the chance to do so.
In a relaxed atmosphere we taste four different flavors.
We will talk about what whisky actually is, where it comes from and how you can best enjoy this fine spirit and how to best enjoy this fine spirit.

*** Contribution towards expenses: 8€ - card payment is possible.
*** Participants: 5
*** Duration: About 3 hours.

Cocktail Mix & Taste
what's on
- Tasting of self-mixed cocktails (U18 only non-alcoholic)
- short product information about equipment, ingredients, spirits and glasses
- getting to know different homemade cocktails
- Introduction to the shaker, jigger and strainer
- Learning to mix cocktails and drinks
- Tips and tricks as well as Dos and DONTs concerning the handling of equipment, ingredients, decoration, etc.

*** Contribution towards expenses: 10€ - card payment is possible.
*** Participants: 10
*** Duration: About 3 hours.

The purchase of an advanced ticket here includes ONLY a reservation. The respective contributions towards expenses are to be paid extra on site.

The reservation period closes on May 17th, 12:00.

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Where does the event happen? bi-Studentenclub
Max-Planck-Ring 4
98693 Ilmenau

When does the event happen?
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Whisky Tasting


Cocktail Mix & Taste