BRUECKEN [DE] and WOLFREDT [EST] live @Cafe Trauma Marburg

Trauma Konzerte presents:

Mondays are no rest days. Certainly you can look forward to a sweet end to the longest day of the week at Café Trauma!

To give you the opportunity to start the day refreshed and with nice memories of the previous evening, WOLFREDT from Estonia will start a spherical set at 7 pm that will touch your inner core and make you relax. Let go of the day and create the end together with friends, colleagues and other guests. Let yourself be enchanted by the post-rock sounds of the Eastern Europeans. The grungey quartet will take you to other worlds with their sometimes emotional, sometimes loud and powerful sound. Promised :)
Sample to glow in advance:

With BRUECKEN from Oldenburg you will then be drawn into further worlds of sound that will not let you go for a long time. The band on release tour for their new album "Innere Unruhen" gives you the opportunity to be one of the first in Hessen to celebrate their new, fabulous album live and loud. In typical post-rock manner, the sound spaces rise to the ceiling and into the heart. With the skillfully punky drums, the outer calm is interrupted for a journey into your own inner self. Let yourself be seduced to reflect your own inner turmoil and end the day strengthened and well entertained.
Sample for the preglow:

--- INFO ---
- Admission: 8-12€
- Admission: 6pm - come straight from work or interrupt your housework to clear your head.
- Start: 7 p.m. - no joke - 7 p.m. is when it really starts
- VVK öffnet am 19.03.2022 here :)

--- Corona rules ---
- We are using 2G+ rules. Additionally: Also boostered people have to make a test. Please make a rapid test at one of the test centre
- Please wear the mask everywhere - except at your place
- Otherwise the common hygienic rules should be noted

We are looking forward to a great evening with you!

Artwork: Arranged by Simon Kircheis from covers of the two bands

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