Folie Française 2.0 (French Weirdness Vol. II): !Gerald! + Frau Trofea

!GéRald! // Experimental Art Rock

Frau Trofea // Rock in Opposition, Noisepunk

+++ it's more than just a regular concert - a cinematic, live mixed video show turns !GeRald! into an impressive musical-visual experience +++————————————

Salut les amis!

On Friday, June 21, after one year, Trauma Konzerte will once again be sending a concentrated portion of French weirdness to your ears! The connoisseurs among us will remember Jack Dupon and GruGrü; now comes the second prank and we invite you to Folie Française 2.0 (or - for the Anglo-Saxons among us - French Weirdness Vol. II)! Lovers of French kraut/experimental rock will once again get their money's worth thanks to two musical gems from the Grande Nation - quel amusement!

Paranoid schizophrenia poured into music - nothing describes !GéRald! (House of Gerald) more simply and aptly! The experimentalists from the west of our beautiful neighboring country not only make use of rather dark elements of prog and psychedelic rock musically, but also deliver a visual experience in the form of a live video show as a complete package. Their new album “Music for Broken Elevators” will be unveiled live for the first time as part of their European tour! Bon appetit!


True to her historical role model - Frau Trofea is considered to be the cause of the famous Strasbourg dance frenzy of 1518, in which hundreds of the city's citizens danced themselves almost or completely to death for months - you can once again shake a leg to Frau Trofea. Sweat-inducing, pounding rhythms combined with Dadaist lyrics are the core element of the trio, which can be placed somewhere between noise punk, rock-in-opposition and no wave. Santé!


Gonna be awesome - come around, support the bands & your local riff dealerz!

Admission 20:00 // start 21:00 (on time) // end 23:30
Culture fee: 10-20€ (soli - pay what you can)

Poster artwork by David Staege (
- Posters will be available at the concert

  • The Trauma is only conditionally barrier-free, please contact us if you have any questions.

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Where does the event happen? Café Trauma
Afföllerwiesen 3a
35037 Marburg

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