Karkara / Oriental Garage Fuzz from Toulouse [FR] .

Lucid Void / Psychedelic Kraut from Darmstadt)

The Erotic Knives / Garage Punk from Gießen [Germany]

Nice Weather = OPENAIR!

The French power trio KARKARA expands the fuzzy riffing usual for garage psych with oriental scales, driving synth and beguiling didjeridoo sounds. The resulting virtuosic-danceable mixture casts a spell over the listener and only lets him/her go again when the fuzz comes to a halt. Even if still an insider tip today - their unique sound can be seen next to other neo-/garage/heavy psych greats like King Gizzard, The Oh Sees, The WRS or SLIFT. At their concert in 2021 they could already convince us of their live performance, which is why we are even more excited about their new, still unreleased album, which they will play live for the first time on this tour!

Listen: https://karkara.bandcamp.com/album/nowhere-land

LUCID VOID's music meanders organically between hypnotic fever dream and unpretentious but expressive riffing, and a song like Ortus could have easily been part of the summer sessions of genre greats Causa Sui. The combo of organ and guitar play dreamy but by no means inconsequential harmonies to each other with tonal finesse in front of an always progressively grooving rhythm section that points forward. The band's first EP was only released in 2020, so we're all the more excited about their debut LP, which will be released on May 19, so there's new material here too.

Listen: https://lucidvoid.bandcamp.com/album/saat

In the past THE EROTIC KNIVES' sound was more alternative rock but now it's more and more psychotic-psychedelic-overdone garage-punk. The influences go over hill and dale, a sprained ankle is sometimes included: From "Oh Sees", "Ty Segall", over "METZ", to "Ramones" and "Nirvana" the music allows many associations to the band's influences. Sometimes you will be screamed at, sometimes wrapped in soft sounds. In any case, intense and PARTY for all involved!

Listen: https://eroticknives.bandcamp.com/

Gonna be awesome - come around, bring your clan, support the bands & your local riff dealerz!

- The is only conditionally barrier-free, please contact us if you have any questions.

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Where does the event happen? Café Trauma
Afföllerwiesen 3a
35037 Marburg

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