Luxor Party in February

Miss you

Actually, the time between our dates is much too long for me. I would love to see you again a little sooner, but it's also exciting when we have to wait a few weeks before we finally have us again. But now it's almost that time again and I can't wait to walk the floors with you or to chill for a few minutes together in the small cinema back there downstairs. This time they put a mega line up on stages, so let's definitely dance together again for a long time and try one or the other drink at the many bars. I'm looking forward to seeing you, xoxo\ lx

♥1st - House, Tech, Deep
Blondee, Leu, PHP
♥2nd - Urban, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Trap
♥3rd - Reloaded, Retro, Nineties, Eighties, Twothousands
♥4th - Easy Latin Lounge
♥5th - Cinema Club
shorts attack
♥6th Smokers Area, cocktail bar

admission/doors open: 22.00
doors order: friendly, not drunk, 18yo

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Where does the event happen? Luxor Chemnitz

When does the event happen?
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