Luxor Party - Season Closing

Let's Breakup

It's not like that wouldn't going right between us anymore and no matter what comes, we should definitely always keep our best memories! But maybe it will do us both good if we give our relationship a break and use the summer for some exciting new encounters. Just imagine the upcoming hot Sundays on green meadows, seductive nights under the stars and the festivals with their thousand sweet temptations! ♥ I'm sure we won't be able to resist one or the other flirtation with summer. Let us enjoy this time and move into the world! We'll see each other again in August and if we're still passionate about each other then maybe we'll just fall head over heels into our old love again! ♥ I would love to see you one more again, have one last date with you, spend one last night together and then let go for a while in the sunrise. ♥

Hugs and Kisses, lx

♥1st - House, Tech, Deep
MARV (Global Bass One), Leu, Paul Powerz

♥2nd - Urban, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Trap
Greph & Erixs

♥3rd - Reloaded, Retro, 1990-2000

♥4th - Easy Latin Lounge

♥5th - Cinema Club
shorts attack

♥6th Smokers Area, Cocktailbar

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Luxor Chemnitz

When does the event happen?
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