DeepINTEL Conference 2023 – Focus on Security Intelligence and Threat Analysis

The DeepINTEL conference is DeepSec's sister event focusing on Security Intelligence and Threat Analysis. Security Intelligence is one of the newest disciplines in the IT security zoo. It covers the strategic view, tells you who is intending to attack you where, why and which capabilities your attacker has. Security intelligence is using several different approaches: algorithmic and statistical analysis, infiltration of adversaries, data correlation, meta analysis and related techniques.

Security intelligence is any information, which enables you to choose better strategies for defending your information infrastructure. The DeepINTEL conference addresses the strategic aspects of security. Here you can discuss security intelligence related topics within a closed group. All information is only shared among the participants, not with the outside world. Attending DeepINTEL will expand your mind while reducing the risks for your digital assets. DeepINTEL is private, and all participants have been screened. No media representatives will be present, and everything will be discussed under a non-disclosure agreement.

We invite you to attend DeepINTEL and secure your digital assets by learning from the experts.

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Linke Wienzeile/Ullmannstrasse 71, 1150 Wien

When does the event happen?
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