Poetics of Space

by Die Wolke art group

Based on the like-titled 1958 seminal text by Gaston Bachelard, the performance revolves around the experience of intimate spaces. The house, shelters, nests, hiding places, and other spaces where we can withdraw into ourselves, evoke poetic images, immediate environmental perceptions that precede conscious thought, imbuing it with properties beyond function and form, and affording the observer a state of daydreaming. The dancetheatre piece by Die Wolke, creators of The Tempest, Δtopia, and Trajectory of an Idea, explores the concept of intimacy and its relation to the function of inhabiting, tracing it back to memories of our childhood home. Thus, it adapts one of the most important philosophical tendencies of the 20th century and a fundamental influence to contemporary architecture.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/927452019
Info: die-wolke.org/poetics

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