DjangoCon Europe 2020

In order to make it accessible for everyone without any kind of barrier we have decided to offer this conference free of charge to the community. However, there was a lot of work and expenses involved in making it come to life - as such, your support is indispensable. All funds will be used to support outreach and diversity, covering both this year's expenses and granting affordable access for students and financial aid in the next year.

If you are in a financial situation that does not allow you to support the event, do not feel pressured to contribute and get a free ticket!

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Virtual Conference

When does the event happen?
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Enthusiast ticket

Tickets recommended for Django enthusiasts who would like to make the standard contribution.

€29.00 incl. 23% VAT

Professional ticket

Tickets recommended for professional Django users attending the conference. If your employer is paying for your ticket or you make a living using Django, please consider this tier.

€79.00 incl. 23% VAT

Contributor ticket

This is a “pay what you want” ticket for those who want to contribute a custom amount.

incl. 23% VAT

Free ticket

General admission to the conference.





incl. 23% VAT