Tickets for participation, camping spots and food at/during The Dutch 1000.

Take notice of the following:

  • Please note that we no longer offer packages this year.
  • If you want to start in a group, make sure you book all riders in one order. Subsequent linking of orders is not possible.
  • If you spend the night at the campsite with a group, make sure that an overnight stay has been booked for each participant (a camping spot or an extra night), and a camping spot for each tent, otherwise they will not be allowed access to the campsite.
  • If you bring someone who does not ride along and is not a passenger, you can buy a spectator ticket for this person. The spectator ticket is intended to book an extra night and food. The spectator does not receive a start photo, start sticker and goodie bag with t-shirt.
  • You must have paid for your tickets within two weeks of ordering, otherwise the order will be cancelled. Bank transfers are only possible up to two weeks before the end of ticket sales.
  • Returns with a refund are possible until ticket sales have stopped (after March 31, 2024 23:59). To request a refund, send an email with the subject "Return order code: <your order code> to After this date, returns are no longer possible.
  • By buying a ticket, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and our Rules of Conduct.

For more information, see the post about this edition on our website (use Google Translate).

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Recreatieoord De Meidoorn
Welgelegenweg 9
3776PR Stroe
The Netherlands

When does the event happen?
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Participation in The Dutch 1000. You will receive the routes, be scheduled for a start time, get a sticker with start number for on your bike, and receive a goodie bag with T-shirt. Before the start, a professional photo will be taken of you with your bike. Should you successfully complete the ride, you will receive a pin.

€52.50 incl. 9% VAT low


Participation in The Dutch 1000 for a passenger. The passenger receives everything the rider also receives, except a start number.

€35.00 incl. 9% VAT low


This is for someone that belongs to a participant, but that is not a participant or passenger. This allows the spectator to book extra night(s) for a tent or caravan, and to book food items.

€3.50 incl. 9% VAT low