FIfFKon22: make install PEACE – Impulses for Peace

Here you can get the tickets for the FIfFKon22. Our goal is nothing short of world peace. But the question arises how to get there starting here and now. How can the path to a peaceful world be shaped and followed? Which measures will promote peaceful societies short, medium and long term?

As a forum of critical computer scientists, which has proudly carried the term "peace" in its name since 1984, we want to address these questions during the FIfFKon22. We understand peace not only as the absence of war and the mere absence of open violence. Our guiding concept is positive peace. In this, just institutions, a fair distribution of resources and a respectful attitude between people and also groups work together.

With speakers from various disciplines, we will shed light on the role of information technology in peace issues and the responsibility of the underlying science - computer science.

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- There is a daily COVID testing requirement at the conference (official test , photo of self test or as last resort on-site with ours) and an explicit mask recommendation.

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Where does the event happen? Archenhold-Sternwarte, Alt-Treptow 1, 12435 Berlin

When does the event happen?
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