DKF 2023

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Where does the event happen? Hotel Sofitel Bayerpost, Bayerstraße 12, 80335 München

When does the event happen?
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Visitor ticket

YOU ARE NOT A SOFTWARE VENDOR? Then this ticket is for you.

€295.00 plus 19% MwSt.

Vendor ticket

YOU ARE A VENDOR? If you are a vendor, then this ticket is for you, otherwise please ask for a sponsorship package at:

€1,500.00 plus 19% MwSt.

Consultancy Firm Ticket

€850.00 plus 19% MwSt.

Sponsor ticket

You are sponsor of the DKF 2023, please use your voucher to get your free ticket here.

€1,500.00 plus 19% MwSt.

Sustainable Finance Course

10th May 2023

€995.00 plus 19% MwSt.