Empowerment & (Self)care - QTI(*)BIPoC Retreat
August 09-11 in ABC Hüll (near Hamburg)
Free of charge
Open to all BIPoC queers between 18 and 27 years old

The program that awaits you this weekend is an invitation to explore self-care strategies, connect with others through stories, and share tips on sources of inspiration and knowledge. Some artistic activities (movement art, performance, writing and video) to try out are also part of the program.
In light of the various (Discrimination) experiences we face as a QTI*BIPoC community, we are constantly busy securing our survival in this society. This leaves little room to feel and exhale. And that's exactly what we want to do in this workshop retreat.

The program is open to all young BIPoC queers between the ages of 18 and 27.
If you are older or younger, but would still like to participate, please send Alexis (he) an email: ar@hueller-medienwerkstatt.de

Accommodation & meals are free of charge. The rooms will be shared. Two people per room (three people possible on request).
The event will take place at the ABC Bildungs- und Tagungszentrum in Drochtersen-Hüll near Hamburg.

The free shuttle service from Himmelpforten train station to the venue on the 9th corresponds with the arrival of the regional train from Hamburg at 16:08.
On 11. the shuttle service will drop participants off at Himmelpforten station in time to catch the 16:51 train to Hamburg.
Persons wishing to arrive or depart at other times should arrange their transportation to and from the event site themselves.

The location has wheelchair-accessible rooms (space for two people) and sanitary facilities.
The event will be held in German (simple language). If necessary, translation into English can be provided.

Where does the event happen? ABC Bildungs- und Tagungszentrum e.V.
Bauernreihe 1 | 21706 Drochtersen-Hüll

When does the event happen?
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