GoGo Penguin are internationally acclaimed as electrifying live performers, innovative soundtrack composers and a collective that fuses electronic and club culture atmospheres with minimalist, jazz and rock influences to create music that pulsates and flows from the dance floor to meditative inner worlds, transporting us to whole new realms.

We're thrilled to announce that the Manchester-based leftfield piano trio will be stopping by Ravensburg on their current world tour to showcase the music from their exhilarating new album "Everything Is Going to Be OK," along with songs from their luminous back catalog.

With new young drummer Jon Scott bringing his own uniquely driving style to the trio's exciting music, a new record label and a subtly updated and evolved sound, the band is ushering in an even more sonically liberated era.
"Driven by fluttering jungle-like drums, creeping bass lines and a growing number of Eno-esque digital manipulations. Hypnotic stuff." (The Guardian)

Chris Illingworth - piano
Nick Blacka - bass
Jon Scott - drums

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Where does the event happen? Konzerthaus Ravensburg

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