There were some voices after our open-air festival last summer that said we should definitely bring this young, English band back to Ravensburg soon.
Voilà! On November 12th they are back again!

For many, jazz is the music that stands on a pedestal. Far away, sacred. But not in the eyes of Oscar Jerome, who loves the genre so much that he can't bear for it to stay up there without coming into contact with the rest of the world. The British guitarist and singer, known for his relaxed and groovy baritone voice, has a very clear idea of what jazz should be in 2023: a music that is in contact with other music, a sound that can and should mix with other sounds.

For Jerome, jazz must update its heritage at the grassroots level, on the street, in the city. And he is not alone in this view. He's part of a generation of like-minded London musicians, including Kokoroko, Ezra Collective, Nubya Garcia and Moses Boyd, who fuse jazz with funk, Afrobeat, soul, hip hop and tropicália to create a totally fresh, casually cool yet powerfully accessible sound.

Last fall, his second studio album "The Spoon" was released, after the first "Breathe deep" again a melange of different styles that accompany him since his youth: So he is interested in bands like Nirvana, The Prodigy and Rage Against the Machine as well as in jazz guitarists à la George Benson or Wes Montgomery and the US rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Oscar Jerome - powerhouse of a musical, groove-oriented melange that goes straight to the heart and legs via the ears!

Oscar Jerome - voc, g
Richie Sweet - perc
Jonathan Moko - b
Ishara Andrews - dr

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