After many years as co-initiator of projects and as a sideman, the enterprising South German bassist Florian King is now presenting a new formation under his own name for the first time.

He has a long musical friendship with David Soyza from Berlin and Christian Krischkowsky from Ulm.
Both, from different generations, have made a name for themselves with their own projects: this is a meeting of 3 makers. But it's not ego, but dedication and interaction that are emphasized.

Mainly based on King's outstanding compositions, the result is airy, melodic, groovy contemporary jazz that gets under your skin.

David Soyza- Vibraphone
Christian Krischkowsky- Drums
Florian King- Bass

Where does the event happen? Kulturzentrum Linse, Weingarten

When does the event happen?
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The Youth Ticket is valid for persons born in 1998 or later. PLEASE NOTE: ID check at the entrance. Those who cannot show ID will have to pay the regular entrance fee.
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