In the meantime, the child prodigy has become a veritable "young lion" of European jazz and his "Project" is one of the hottest bands on the scene. Jakob Manz, Hannes Stollsteimer, Frieder Klein and Leo Asal drive the audience to storms of enthusiasm with incredible energy and catchy melodies, gripping grooves and enormous dynamics, as well as astonishing emotional depth.

Band leader Jakob Manz is not only damn good - thanks to a unique combination of talent and hard work - he is also a workaholic and is involved in a wide variety of projects, including a duo with Johanna Summer. His musical home port is still the "Project": the band deals with soul jazz, hard bop, jazz rock and funk in the broadest sense. It goes without saying that Manz and his band members are writing more and more of their own pieces, and of course this band is also winning prizes all the time ...

The Jakob Manz Project is one of the hottest bands on the European jazz scene.

Jakob Manz - as
Hannes Stollsteimer - p
Frieder Klein - b
Leo Asal - dr

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