Ferenc Snétberger is often called the Hungarian guitar genius: He prefers small, almost chamber-musical instrumentations, gladly also with top-class bassists like Arild Andersen or Richard Bona - and just now with the Swede Anders Jormin. Snétberger comes from a Roma family in Hungary, his musical background ranges from (not only gypsy) jazz to classical and film music, whereby he plays exclusively acoustic guitar.

With Anders Jormin and drummer Joey Baron, he produced the excellent CD "Titok" on ECM in 2017. Now without drums, the two masters can (or must and can?) rely even more on themselves and their partner. But Snétberger and Jormin are very familiar with each other, so their duo promises a treat in terms of sensitive interaction and fine-spirit chamber jazz.

Snétberger and Jormin masterfully celebrate the art of the duo - a delight!

Ferenc Snétberger - g
Anders Jormin - b

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