Jazz is too narrow a term for the musical spectrum that the well-traveled Känzig repeatedly explores with his bands. The interest in exchanging ideas across genres and supposed boundaries also determines the character of Heiri Känzig's new band Travelin'.
Here the influences flow together that Heiri Känzig has absorbed through his numerous encounters with musical cultures all over the world. We hear the shimmering runs of oud player Amine Mraihi. The lyrical sophistication of pianist Marc Méan. The floating melismas of singer Veronika Stalder. The enchanting radiance of trumpeter Matthieu Michel. The melodically pulsating double bass of Heiri Känzig. The drive of drummer Lionel Friedli.

It is not about a new record of complexity or innovation. More than anything else, we hear in this sextet the desire to play a music that aims at the heart of things.

Matthieu Michel - flgh
Veronika Stalder - vocals
Amine Mraihi - oud
Lionel Friedli - drums
Marc Méan - piano
Heiri Känzig - bass

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Where does the event happen? Zehntscheuer Ravensburg

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