What if student papers would not end up in the drawer of a supervisor, but be openly available? What if students received more than a one-liner of feedback for months of their work?
What if they experience open and collaborative work on scientific problems as early as possible?
And what would Berlin’s world of science look like if all of this were part of the curricula at Berlin’s universities?
At Berlin Exchange Medicine (BEM), a student-run Open Science journal, educative platform, and think tank funded by the Berlin University Alliance, we strive for unconditional answers to these “what if’s”. Join us for our lightning talk on how we want to shape a more transparent publishing system with you, starting with ambitious and idealistic visions in the heads of the experts of tomorrow. You will learn about what we do at BEM, how to work with us as a student or supervisor, and our vision for Open Science at the heart of academic education.

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