NIM Market Decisions Day 2024 – AI.DOES.MARKETING

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing marketing. This is why we will be discussing at the NIM Market Decisions Day 2024:.

Will AI take over marketing in the future? Or will AI (only) be a supporter?

TOPICS of the NIM Market Decisions Day 2024:

  • Use cases of AI from marketing practice for new customer experiences
  • Current developments in AI technology and applications in marketing
  • AI as a key factor for greater efficiency in marketing
  • Future prospects for AI in marketing and possible trends
  • AI as a new "power" to influence consumer decisions
  • Ethical challenges associated with the use of AI in marketing

Top experts at the NIM Market Decisions Day - including

  • Zack Kass, OpenAI, former Head of Go-To Market
  • Ranga Yogeshwar, science journalist and presenter
  • Urs Meier, CCO Garden of Youth
  • Prof. Dr. Alena Buyx, Chairwoman of the German Ethics Council
  • Moderation: Nadia Kailouli, ARD television presenter, AI podcaster and university lecturer

What participants say:
Of all the marketing events I know, the NIM Market Decisions Day stands out in many ways. Excellent organization, an engaged and knowledgeable audience, a truly great setting and, last but not least, speakers who really have something to say - definitely a highlight in the event calendar for me.

Senior Early Innovation Manager
Beiersdorf AG

Where does the event happen? OFENWERK, Klingenhofstrasse 72, 90411 Nuernberg

When does the event happen?
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