Silence: The Vocabulary of Madness

Dear Fellow Lunatics,

after a long silence, we give you ... Silence.

This Autumn, we are celebrating a deliciously anomalous event: the release of a new studio album by Silence. The Vocabulary of Madness, Silence's first studio album in a decade, was released as a 32-page hardcover book with CD. This exceptionally rare phenomenon, which occurs every decade or so, took place on November 4, 2022, along with the premiere concert presentation at Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana.

The Vocabulary of Madness is therapy for those afflicted by so-called normality, by the ever-diminishing returns of business as usual. It is committed – excuse the pun – attempt to turn psychoanalysis into a music genre.

Treat yourself to some madness and order your vocabulary now!

Where does the event happen? Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Vocabulary of Madness | book and CD

The Vocabulary of Madness | book and CD

The album, conceived as a 32-page hardcover book with CD, consists of ten tracks. Each copy is numbered, hand-signed by the authors, and includes a personalised dedication.

€25.00 incl. 22% VAT