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Location: Adelaide... but online.

Sept. 4th – 6th, 2020
Begin: 09:00
End: 18:00
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Pay what you want; All funds raised by contributor tickets are used to support outreach and diversity, covering both affordable access for students and financial aid in future years. All contributors will be recognised as "minor sponsors".

incl. 10% GST

Admission for professional Python users attending the conference. If your employer is paying for your ticket, or you make your living using Python, please consider this tier.

A$79.00 incl. 10% GST

General admission for Python users attending the conference.

A$29.00 incl. 10% GST

Admission for students currently enrolled in full or part-time education, at any level.

Student tickets are subject to approval. If the contact email address you provide is not associated with an Australian or New Zealand educational institution, we will contact you to confirm your current enrolment in one.

A$10.00 incl. 10% GST