State of the Map Europe - 2023

Preliminary Schedule & Early Bird tickets

The early bird tickets will be available until Wednesday, October 4.

November 10 - Welcome program

This first day will start in the afternoon, kicking off with a warm-up session, offering everyone a chance to connect and engage through our welcome program.

November 11 - Talks, workshops to be announced.

Dedicated to delving deep into the world of OpenStreetMap, listening to talks, engaging in insightful discussions and more.

November 12 - Talks, workshops to be announced.

Continuing our meaningful discussions on OpenStreetMap, collaborating and reflecting on the knowledge shared before we head off.

For the full event website:

Where does the event happen? Antwerpen, Belgium

When does the event happen?
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Early Bird Community ticket

Early Bird Community ticket

For attendees contributing to OpenStreetMap as a hobbyist.


Early Bird Regular

Early Bird Regular

For attendees representing their organizations at the conference.