TwinCafé #2 - Urban Innovation & Social Change as Twinning Activities

Every region and city faces challenges and tries to develop in areas like new economy, mobility, urban design, contemporary art, sports, social affairs, and education, right? Why not taking these challenges, efforts and ideas to a city twinning level as well!?

With Yuriy Fylyuk we have an exciting and enthusiastic expert, who will share his experiences as a founder of “Teple Misto” a platform for the integral development of the city through activation of the city’s proactive potential and the establishment of a triangle interaction between business, state, and civil society. And he shares his insights as CEO of the Promprylad.Renovation project, an innovation center on the premises of an old plant, following the impact investing model, where investors contribute to social changes in the region and get a return on investment in the form of dividend payouts. Last but
not he will discuss his Urban Space concept with us.

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