From Witness to Ally

Have you ever experienced/witnessed some form of microaggression or unwanted behavior in your surroundings? Maybe you were not sure how to react to it, and if you should even act on it. It is hard to tell if the way we are being treated or addressed is right, and talking to others about our discomfort can be tough. However, opening up the conversation is just what we need to learn how we can support each other.

This event together with WISE is all about standing up together as allies. By sharing experiences, you get a better understanding of what we can do ourselves to improve social safety, and we can celebrate how far we’ve already come! Join us for a nice dinner and insightful evening to take steps towards a safe and supportive community.

Celebrate the successes we’ve already achieved, and aim for those we still have ahead of us. Get your tickets now!

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Where does the event happen? Senaatzaal of Auditorium, TU/e

When does the event happen?
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Event ONLY

No Dinner. Only for the event attendance.
Admission starts at 18:30 in the Blauwe Zaal.

€ 3,00

Event + Dinner - STUDENT ticket

Students = BSc, MSc and PhD level
Includes buffet dinner before the event for students only.
Admission at 17:15 in the Senaatzaal.

€ 5,50

Event + Dinner - NON-Student ticket

Includes buffet dinner before the event for non-students.
Admission at 17:15 in the Senaatzaal.

€ 8,00