Transforming Peripheries | Urban Land Conference #1 Sept. 26, 2019

Urban Land Conference
The first Urban Land Conference will investigate how to shape the future of urbanized territories across municipal boundaries. The conference provides a platform for the exchange of policy makers, urban planners, business leaders, academics and community groups. Speakers will come from a wide range of disciplines. Together we will explore how new governance and finance models can work across municipal boundaries, support joint action and lead to sustainable societies. presents: Evening Event | Geschmacksarchiv Arpad Dobriban
In the evening the opportunity to exchange information for guests from politics and administration, business and civil society. The artist creates the framework with a lecture and a meal under the title "Available Food - About dealing with what we have".

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HfG Ulm
Am Hochsträß 10
89081 Ulm

Sept. 26, 2019
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Urban Land Conference



FREE presents: Evening Event | Geschmacksarchiv Arpad Dobriban


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