"From Bricks to Bytes" by Evelyne Wauters and "Gamification - A mindplay of the user" by Iona Varga

"From Bricks to Bytes" by Evelyne Wauters

Our world of digital crafting has many similarities with building physical structures. We spend so many hours on our computers, phones, and other screens, that we can speak of an entire digital world. A world where we do our work, perform daily tasks, talk to friends, go shopping and even find the perfect date. Just like we would have done before by visiting different physical buildings in a city. Digital interfaces are our new houses and through the years our personal devices have become our own private safe space.
Graduated in engineering-architecture, I was struck many times by the similarities between both worlds. I want to highlight the important touch points between physical and digital architecture. The ones where we can learn from architects and builders and how it can help us build better digital experiences.

"Gamification - A mindplay of the user" by Iona Varga

Many big vendors are deprecating their Gamification solutions. Why? And is Gamification as alive a millennium egg?
Whether you open up your local Gym's app, look at the Microsoft Learn page, or even take a certification challenge, they all share the same concept to keep users returning, positive reinforcement!
You just posted your 10th solution! Here is the rocket badge! That feeling will comfort you, but why?
During this session, the concept of gamification will be explained. The impact of users using your solution, how to integrate a gamification aspect into business and get results both from UX perspective as from business.
Gamification is strong, and will always be! Join to be blown away by shiny awards and ton load of good-feeling ;-)

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