"Refactoring your legacy applications the right way!" by Niels Stubbe and "Enable warp speed on your .NET APIs" by Pieter Vandenheede

Refactoring your legacy applications the right way! - Niels Stubbe

If you have worked in a legacy codebase or 'big ball of mud', you know that it can make development unnecessarily slow, frustrating and costly. The solution, many developers would say, is to just rewrite the whole thing. But good luck getting every stakeholder to agree to such a costly and risky process.
In this session we will take a look at the different ways you can clean up your codebase. while minimizing risk and costs. We will discuss some of the different strategies like the 'Strangler Fig Pattern' and we'll go over a few tips and best-practices on how you can avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Enable warp speed on your .NET APIs – Pieter Vandenheede

In a fast, digital world, data should be served at the speed of light... some however are stuck at impulse speed.... Do you own or operate a .NET API that is not performing as expected? Learn how to boost the performance!
In this session, Pieter brings a real-life example of an underperforming .NET API, He will go over a few steps and show you what you can do to improve and measure the performance of your .NET APIs using load/performance testing and Azure tooling.
Pieter will use tools like Azure App services & autoscaling, k6, Azure Redis Cache, Azure API Management, JSON serializers and a touch of profiling to find the bottlenecks and increase performance.
Expect demos and lessons learned on how we boosted performance and utilization of one of our APIs for one of our customers.

Where does the event happen? NOEST - De Kien, Nijverheidskaai 3, Kortrijk

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