WikidataCon 2023

The WikidataCon has been hosted in Germany every two years since 2017 and began to travel internationally in 2021.

At WikidataCon, e focus on a wide range of Wikidata-related topics, including editorial, usage, and technical research on Wikidata, issues with Wikibase, the Wikidata platform technology, the integration of Wikidata with other Wikimedia projects or other platforms, and the growth of Wikidata and the linked open data ecosystem as a whole. In this conference, there will be discussion on the creation of an open data ecosystem.

Together with the Wikidata Taiwan community, Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikimedia Taiwan (WMTW) will host a hybrid online and physical conference in Taiwan in 2023 with the theme “collaboration across boundaries” to discuss how the entire Wikidata ecosystem can represent the diversity of local data.

WikidataCon 2023
Date:Oct. 28 - 29
National Taipei University (Sanxia, Taiwan) & Gather Town (Online)

WikidataCon 2023 Wikidata page:

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Where does the event happen? National Taipei University College of Humanities 1F , New Taipei City, Taiwan

When does the event happen?
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Attend online

Participating Wikidatacon 2023 through the Gather Town, the online venue will open from Day 1、Day 1.5、Day 2 to Day 2.5.

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Attend in Taipei

The program of Wikidatacon 2023 Day 1 and Day2 will be on-site at the National Taipei University Sanxia Campus, Taipei. Beverage and light refreshments are included in the "Attend in Taipei" ticket.

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