Intercultural training - fit for work: Training for international professionals and employees in the onboarding period

Do you want to know how to behave appropriately in a German company?
How do you deal with your colleagues and your superiors?
How do you successfully score in meetings and avoid misunderstandings?

Learn how your own culture and education influences your daily actions and effects your collaboration at work with your German colleagues.

Find out what German companies expect from their employees and what you should definitely avoid in the workplace.

Yvonne Brockhaus, intercultural trainer and coach, develops strategies with you,
in order to avoid misunderstandings right from the start or to quickly resolve possible conflicts.

With this training you will gain orientation in everyday German life and work and increase your chances of professional success!

The event is offered in German and, if necessary, with translation into English.

The registration deadline has already expired.

Where does the event happen? Welcome Center Stuttgart, Charlottenplatz 17, 70176 Stuttgart: Globales Klassenzimmer

When does the event happen?
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