Dan Harlan has been called “The Most Versatile Magician in the World,” and it's easy to see why.
Harlan has invented, performed, and taught more magic than any other magician... ever! In fact, over
the course of five years, he updated the entire Tarbell Course in Magic (an eight-volume
encyclopedia containing over 1200 tricks!) by putting his own spin on every trick in the book. Not
only did he perform them all in his weekly show (at a rate of six new tricks a week!), he also re-
designed and built all the props, made all the costumes, choreographed all the routines, wrote all the
scripts, and more!
One of the most innovative modern magicians, Harlan’s cutting-edge miracles have delighted
audiences in over 20 countries around the world. He has been featured at Caesar's Magical Empire in
Las Vegas, headlined at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, and guest-starred at Masters
of Magic in Saint-Vincent, Italy. Harlan also fooled Penn & Teller on the CW's long-running, hit
show “Fool Us.” Performing, writing, teaching, consulting, creating and lecturing, Harlan does it all.
He is co-founder of The Mystic Tower (themystictower.com), producing brand-new, mind-blowing
magic. Wherever you see the magic of Dan Harlan, you are sure to be delighted as he transforms the
mundane into the miraculous!
And now, Harlan brings you a brand new lecture featuring the most remarkable principles he has
created and perfected during his illustrious career...
You'll be fascinated by Harlan's “A la Carte” principle which allows you to instantly know what
someone has chosen from a list of items without any mathematics, mental gymnastics, or suspicious
fishing of any kind.
You'll learn to influence the outcome of random choices without appearing to exert any control
whatsoever as Harlan shares his bulletproof work on the Art of Equivocation.
Harlan will introduce you to his “Maestro Stack” which gives you incredible card magic power
without hours of knuckle-busting practice.
You'll also learn other secret stacks Harlan has been closely guarding for years which make you seem
like a gambling expert with psychic powers!


Lecture tour :
June 03 to 22
Also, prepare yourself to be thrilled by his latest creations, such as... The Mystery of the Missing
Sock, Flash Silk to Egg, Four Thoughts, and Speak-Easy Pro. Harlan will be joined by his life-
accomplice, SarahElla Phant, to give you all her groundbreaking work on translating numbers to
letters (and back again) for coding and memorization. Phant's system is the pinnacle of all number
alphabets ever created and sets a new standard that you'll absolutely love.
SarahElla Phant is a world-renowned mnemonist (memory expert) whose eclectic talents require an
assortment of titles... performer, author, artist, speaker, teacher, and more. She first achieved
worldwide recognition as co-creator of The Memory Arts Series and independently created the
highly-acclaimed graphic e-book series “3 Fundamentals of Mnemonics.” Be sure to join both of
them for a truly remarkable lecture that will change the way you think about your magic.

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