S O M E D A T E – O P E N A I R – 0 8 0 6 1 9 – W E I M A R


Again we would liketo spend a wonderful day in the sun, out in the open and an awesome night under the stars, with nice music, theatre and cold drinks.

For further infomations check: http://somedate.de/future or http://ww.facebook.com/Somedate/

The presale will stop at 1.6.2018 at 23:59:59.

Afterwards the tickets will only be available at the box office.

Ettersburgerstraße 200, 99427 Weimar

June 8th – 9th, 2019
Begin: 12:00
End: 12:00
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€15.00 incl. 7% VAT

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