International Sketchnote Camp 2022 Poland, Szczecin

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Basic plan of our Bar Camp:

9th September (Friday) /15:30 - 23:00/ - Registration, Integration, Welcome dinner at Centrum Kultury Euroregionu Stara Rzeźnia
10th - 11th September (Saturday and Sunday) /09:00 - 18:00/ - Main Gathering: Sessions, Keynotes, Integration at Technopark Pomerania, coffee breaks, lunch, boat’s cruise on Saturday evening

Early Bird: 19th April - 15th May
Ship cruise: 19th April - 19th June
Ticket on streaming: 19th April - 19th June
Regular: 16th May - 19th June (regular price: 255 EU)

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Where does the event happen? Centrum Kultury Euroregionu Stara Rzeźnia, Tadeusza Apolinarego Wendy 14, Szczecin
Technopark Pomerania, Cyfrowa 2-8, Szczecin

When does the event happen?
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€255.00 incl. 23% VAT

Online ticket (streaming)

Online ticket (streaming)

With this ticket you buy access to online streaming from International Sketchnote Camp.

€100.00 incl. 23% VAT


Boat's cruise

Boat's cruise

With this ticket you buy unique two-hours boat's cruise by Odra river with view on beautifull night panorama of Szczecin during International Sketchnote Camp 2022. On cruise we provide delicious finger food.

71 currently available

€40.00 incl. 23% VAT