Auf dieser Seite finden Sie stets aktuelle Informationen zu unserem Produkt und unserer Firma. Alle neuen Versionen von pretix sowie Sicherheitshinweise werden hier angekündigt. Wir posten alle neuen Einträge auch auf unserem Twitter-Profil. Zusätzlich haben wir einen „behind the scenes“-Blog mit Geschichten aus unserer Technikabteilung und dem Innenleben unserer Firma. Bitte entschuldigen Sie, dass wir derzeit alle Neuigkeiten in der Regel nur auf Englisch veröffentlichen.

Release 2.1.0 of pretix

4. Okt. 2018

Today, we are releasing the next monthly release of pretix. pretix 2.1 includes a new method to connect devices to the API, as well as a new pretix Hosted/Enterprise plugin to generate certificates of attendance.

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Release 2.0.0 of pretix

11. Sept. 2018

We're back from the summer break with monthly releases and are proud to present pretix 2.0, containing lots of features that we worked on for a long time. We're proud to finally present partial payments and refunds, order approvals, integration of Mollie, and a lot more.

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Release 1.17.0 of pretix

8. Juli 2018

Today, we are releasing the next monthly release of pretix. pretix 1.17 again is a mini-release with only a few number of changes, as we're preparing a big change to the way payments work for next month.

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Release 1.16.0 of pretix

7. Juni 2018

Today, we are releasing the next monthly release of pretix. pretix 1.16 is one of the releases where we don't put out many large features, put polish lots of corners everywhere and are busy preparing some larger news in the background. There's still more than enough reason to upgrade!

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pretix and GDPR

11. Mai 2018

If there's one topic keeping everyone busy across all industries right now, it's the new EU legislation on data privacy. With this blog post, we want to tell you how we're handling GDPR and how it affects you if you use our services.

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Release 1.15.0 of pretix

3. Mai 2018

Today, we are releasing the next monthly release of pretix. pretix 1.15 is exciting to us as it is our first release that significantly changes the looks of pretix for a long time. But don't worry, we also put in a number of great features!

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Release 1.13.0 of pretix

3. März 2018

Again, we release another monthly feature update of pretix. pretix 1.13 brings a new Enterprise feature as well as numerous large and small improvements all around the system.

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19. Feb. 2018

Our service was down for 36 minutes this Sunday. The downtime was caused by a security problem that we have fixed. This blog post is a post mortem of the events that lead to this and describes how we will prevent this kind of problem in the future.

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Release 1.12.0 of pretix

3. Feb. 2018

Exactly one year passed since we released pretix 1.0! In the meantime, we released lots and lots of features at the beginning of each month. We'll continue this way and therefore are proud to announce version 1.12 today!

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