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We know how much work organizing an event is. pretix has been built with the main goal to save you as much time as possible.

Privacy built-in

Privacy is a priority to us: We think twice about what data we store and all data is stored cloud-free in Germany, protected by German privacy laws.

Multi-Language support

If you use more than one language to communicate with your participants, you will enjoy that pretix comes with multi-language support built right into its core.

Direct payments

pretix supports credit card, PayPal, direct debit, wire transfer, and more common payment methods – directly to your account. No need to wait for your money until after the event!

Every event is unique

We want our software to be perfect for every single event and designed pretix to be highly adjustable in many different ways, including a plugin platform.

Open Source

pretix is Free and Open Source software. You can run it on your own infrastructure or use our hosting services, just as you like.

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