Free and Open Source Software
Focus on privacy and security
Full multi-language capabilities
Highly adaptable to your event
Extensible with plug-ins and through a REST API
Risk-free and transparent pricing
Successfully used for conferences, festivals, concerts, shows, exhibitions, workshops, barcamps, and more
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pretix does not have to fear comparison with established ticketing solutions and has world-class support. From an organizer point of view there is nothing left to be desired.
Trutz Fries
Organizer of AMZCON
We love our ticketing system pretix <3 Recommeded for all events!
Literature Camp Heidelberg
on Twitter
[…] The registration system is visually appealing, user-friendly and allows for convenient attendee management. It is fun to use the system! […]
FOSSGIS Conference Team
Conference on free geoinformation software

Come and meet us

LOCATIONS Rhein-Neckar 2018

27th February 2018

Visit our booth at the LOCATIONS Rhein-Neckar trade fair in Mannheim! For a free ticket to the fair, just go to locations-tickets .de.

PrototypeFund demo day

28th February 2018

On the last day of february, we'll present the results of the funding received by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Berlin.