Release 1.2.1 of pretix

17. April 2017

Today, we issue a bugfix release for the current stable distribution of pretix (1.2.x). It includes the following bugfixes:

  • Fix bug in the permission editor that lead to different permissions being assigned than the editor shows.

  • Update Django to the latest security release.

  • Fix usage of non-localized numbers in order overview PDF export.

  • Removed unnecessary clutter from the PyPI distributions.

The release is now available for installation via pip. Note that the version specifier on PyPI is 1.2.1.post1 because of a required re-upload of the package, while the pretix version contained is still 1.2.1. The new docker images are already available on Docker Hub via the 1.2 and stable tags.

Raphael Michel

Raphael ist der Gründer und Haupt-Entwickler von pretix. Er begeistert sich für benutzerfreundliche, elegante Software und wenn er nicht zu beschäftigt mit pretix ist, organisiert er gerne selbst Konferenzen mit.

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