Release 2.1.0 of pretix

Oct. 4, 2018

Today, we are releasing the next monthly release of pretix. pretix 2.1 includes a new method to connect devices to the API, as well as a new pretix Hosted/Enterprise plugin to generate certificates of attendance. Big thanks go out to Christian Kohlstedde, Felix Schäfer, Maarten van den Berg, oocf, and Yunus Fırat Pişkin, who contributed to this release. ❤️

pretix 2.1.0 is now available for installation via pip. The new docker images will appear on Docker Hub over the next few hours. All customers of pretix Hosted are already using the new version and do not need to take any action.

New plugin: Certificates of attendance

If you're running an event that people attend not only for fun, but also to learn something, they might start asking you for a formal certificate of attendance, to show their employer or to put upon their wall for everyone to see.

Starting now, pretix makes it as easy as possible to generate these. You can batch-generate them from inside pretix, either for all attendees, for specific orders individually, or only for attendees who actually checked in.

Right now, this is an administrative operation only, so you need to download the certificates and distribute them yourself. We're planning on also allowing for a self-service way, i.e. that participants can download their own certificate of attendance on their order confirmation page as soon as they checked in. If you're interested in that feature, we'd be happy to talk to you about your use case, so we can make sure we get it right.

Of course, you can use our well-known PDF editor to style the certificate in every aspect to match your corporate design.

Tickets as e-mail attachments

We've finally got around to implement a feature that people have asked us for from day one: Effective immediately, tickets will be sent as attachments to order, payment and download notifications, whenever tickets are available for download already.

We expect this to significantly increase the number of attendees who actually bring their ticket to your event and make it easy for you to scan and find them using our check-in tools.

Smaller changes and bugfixes

  • Ticket downloads can now be enabled for pending orders as well.

  • It's now possible to restrict a payment methods only to people who enter an invoice address from specific countries.

  • The selection of payment methods is now more accessible to screen readers.

  • It's now possible to delete many vouchers at the same time.

  • A bug in the bank transfer payment provider has been fixed that lead to payment details no longer being shown in the backend.

  • A crash in the PayPal payment provider has been fixed.

  • A new option has been introduced that asks search engines not to index your ticket shop.

  • If installed, the Passbook plugin is now automatically activated during the "quick setup" process.

  • A performance improvement has been made that should allow a generally higher througput of payments.

  • Waiting list options (like automatic sending) are now shown even if the waiting list itself is disabled.

  • An internal server error when submitting an invalid waiting list form has now been fixed.

  • Invoices are now attached to order approval emails, if applicable.

  • Generation of thumbnail images has been fixed if the original image is smaller than the thumbnail size.

  • A bug has been fixed that occurred when deleting a check-in list inside an event series data.

  • Date and time input fields now show the correct date format whenever they're empty.

  • Date and time input fields are now considered empty if only a time is set.

  • System administrators can now inspect details of log entries.

  • A race condition when accepting account invites is now prevented.

  • Large performance improvements have been made for the orders API.

Updates to official plugins and tools

  • The pretix-passbook plugin has been release in version 1.4.0. It no longer requires configuration for every event, but ships with default images to just work out of the box.

REST API changes

  • We've introduced a new authentication mechanism that allows to connect devices, such as ticket scanners or cash registers, to the API with an easy and secure handshake mechanism.

  • The list of events can now be filtered by various fields.

  • The list of events no longer shows events that the authenticated client does not have access to.

  • An organizer-level endpoint to fetch all sub-events has been added.

  • API permissions have been re-worked. Read access to most resources that do not contain personal data (such as the list of products) now only require general access to the event, instead of can_change_items permission.

Raphael Michel

Raphael is the founder and main developer of pretix. He is passionate about user-friendly, elegant software, and when he's not busy building software for conference organizers, he enjoys co-organizing con​fer​en​ces himself.

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