Offer world-class ticketing to your clients
as a pretix Value-added Reseller

pretix provides rock-solid ticketing technology,
proven at thousands of events all over the world.
Let's bring it to more markets – together.

White-labeled ticket shops

As a value-added reseller, we provide you with ticket shops that are fully white-labeled and do not mention pretix at all. By default, your own brand ist listed in the footer where ticket buyers will see it. All emails can be sent from your address as well.

Co-branded ticketing backend

Our ticketing backend will be co-branded with both your and our brand. If you give access to the backend to your event organizers, they will always see your logo and your contact information in case they need any help.

Your profile

  • You already run a business in the event industry or you are well-connected with potential clients for a ticketing service.
  • You want to offer your clients a ticketing software bundled with other services you are offering, such as consulting, hardware, payment processing, fulfillment, or other software components.
  • You sign on your own clients, e.g. event organizers or venues, and help them through the onboarding process.
  • You provide first-level support for pretix to your own clients.
  • You help translate pretix' interface into the languages of your region and keep those translations up-to-date.

Our services

  • We provide you with a cloud-based ticketing solution including all of pretix' features: Responsive online shops, reserved seating, scanning apps, point-of-sales apps, and new amazing features every month.
  • We charge you a preferential wholesale price and allow you to set your own prices for your services.
  • We provide you with technical support in case anything goes wrong.
  • We take care of all technical operations such as servers, backups, monitoring, and security. This way, you can focus on your clients 24/7.