You can get pretix for your event in multiple ways. You can install it on your own server and maintain it yourself, but the easiest way to get started selling tickets are our hosted versions: You get all features and don't need to worry about servers and technology, ever. Just focus on your event!

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Software as a Service Self-hosted on your server
pretix Edition Hosted Free Hosted Community Enterprise
Ticket volume ≤ 2 500 tickets per year
free tickets only
unlimited unlimited ≤ 2 500 tickets per year ≤ 5 000 tickets per year ≤ 10 000 tickets per year ≤ 25 000 tickets per year > 25 000 tickets per year
System fee for paid tickets
(End customer pays for ticket)
not possible 2.5 %
of the ticket price excl. taxes
never more than €15 per ticket
Discounts for large customers available
Free forever
Open Source Software
Choose from the feature and support packages below
System fee for free tickets
(Guests, free events, …)
up to 2 500 per year
up to 2 500 per year, more on request
Payment processing fee Depending on the payment providers of your choice, e.g. your bank, PayPal, or Stripe. View all
Sales channels
Online ticket shop
pretix Widget
Shop embedded in your website
Connect own ticket outlets € 325 / year € 520 / year € 830 / year € 1 665 / year contact us
pretixPOS cash register € 149 / year / device € 149 / year / device € 149 / year / device € 149 / year / device € 149 / year / device
Reserved seating ¹ ¹ € 475 / year € 760 / year € 1 200 / year € 2 450 / year contact us
Check-in apps pretixSCAN
Digital Content € 225 / year € 360 / year € 570 / year € 1 150 / year contact us
Administrative users unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Exports and full API access
Paper tickets & shipping tools € 325 / year € 520 / year € 830 / year € 1 665 / year contact us
Campaign tracking € 250 / year € 400 / year € 640 / year € 1 280 / year contact us
Event-spanning reports € 275 / year € 440 / year € 700 / year € 1 400 / year contact us
Certificates of attendance € 250 / year € 400 / year € 640 / year € 1 280 / year contact us
Exhibitor management
(trade fairs and conferences)
Exhibitor login & voucher management € 475 / year € 760 / year € 1 200 / year € 2 450 / year contact us
Lead Scanning app € 25 / exhibitor
Mailchimp, Sendinblue, CleverReach, rapidmail
€ 225 / year € 360 / year € 570 / year € 1 150 / year contact us
Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, LinkedIn, GTM, Hubspot, GoSquared, PIWIK Pro, …
€ 250 / year € 400 / year € 640 / year € 1 280 / year contact us
Slack € 175 / year € 280 / year € 450 / year € 890 / year contact us
Email support
reply by next business day

from € 499 / year
5h support time included
from € 799 / year
7h support time included
from € 1 199 / year
10h support time included
from € 2 299 / year
15h support time included
contact us
Phone support
subject to availability
included in e-mail support
Installation support no installation required no installation required contact us
Custom modifications contact us contact us
Let's go Get started Read more Contact sales

Discounts for non-profit and academic events are available on request.

Please note: Depending on your location, VAT or other taxes will be added to all of the following prices. Our services are only available to businesses and similar entities, not to consumers or end users.

Footnote 1: The initial creation of most seating plans can be performed free of charge through our graphical editor. For complex or very large plans that need to be created by us, we charge between € 80 and € 240 depending on the size and complexity of the plan.

Frequently asked questions on pretix Hosted

Why should I choose pretix Hosted over Enterprise or Community?

With pretix Hosted, you get all features we have without any risk: If you don't sell any tickets, there is no charge. If you have any questions, our support team can take a look together with you and we can resolve problems quickly.

At the same time you profit from our redundant server cluster with high reliability, automatic off-site backups and monitoring, as well as a team that cares about keeping the systems up to date and secure at any time.

How do I pay my fees?

At the end of each month, we'll send you an invoice that you can pay to us via SEPA debit, credit card or bank transfer.

What does the maximum ticket fee mean?

Normally, we charge 2.5 % per ticket. However, if you sell tickets for more than 600 € each, we will still charge only 15 € per ticket, even though 2.5 % would be more. If you use a different currency than EUR, we'll apply a similar limit at a value roughly corresponding to 15 € in your currency.

What currencies can I use?

Any currency supported by the payment provider of your choice. In most cases, we'll convert the resulting fee to EUR using a standard conversion rate before invoicing it to you.

What are payment provider fees?

When you process payments, you'll can either accept payments via your usual bank account or use one of our seamlessly integrated payment providers like PayPal, or Stripe. Those payment providers also take a cut, ranging from a few cents to a few percent – depending on the payment method. Check there websites for details or talk to us, we can advice you.

Is there a minimum term of contract?

No! If you don't want to use our service any more, just stop stelling tickets and we'll stop invoicing fees. It's that simple!

Is there a free option?

Yes! The hosted service is free if you only distribute free tickets. This is valid for up to 2,500 tickets per year through our service. If you are planning to exceed that, please contact us for custom pricing.

We consider tickets to be free, if your customers get access to your event without paying anything. It does not matter whether they pay online, if they pay in cash at the door, we will still consider it a paid ticket and charge our fee.

How is the fee calculated exactly?

We only charge for orders that are successfully paid. We'll calculate 2.5 % from every sold ticket's price, round this to two decimal places and sum it up. Then, we'll subtract everything you already paid us and invoice the remainder to you every month.

How are taxes handled?

We will charge 2.5 % of the net price of your tickets, so if you charge tickets with VAT, we will subtract the VAT amount before calculcating our share.

However, when you are resident within Germany, we'll need to add 19 % VAT (July–December 2020: 16 %) to the invoice total ourselves. The same applies if you are resident in the EU but can not provide a valid VAT ID number.

What happens if I cancel my event or some orders?

There is no cancellation fee. If one or more orders are canceled, we wont re-pay you for the ticket fees you already paid to us, but we'll credit them to your account and set them off against the next invoice you receive from us, making your next event cheaper!

Can I use other ticket services as well?

Of course! We won't lock you in, ever.

Frequently asked questions on pretix Enterprise

Is there a base price that I need to pay?

We assume that all pretix Enterprise customers will buy a support package. On top of that, you can license features individually one by one, just as you want. The support package gives access to our team for any questions, plus gives you a license to use pretix with more flexibility than the open source license, which is a prerequisite for most commercial plugins.

How will I get access to the features?

We will provide you with instructions on how to install our pretix Enterprise features via the Python package manager pip. The plugins are always compatible to the latest released version of pretix. Our pretix Enterprise license allows you to inspect and modify the source code for your own usage, as long as you do not share it with third parties. Of course, you are responsible for your own changes yourself.

How can we evaluate the software before buying?

Just create an account for pretix Hosted and have a look, all pretix Enterprise features are available.

Do I need to cancel my license?

Yes. If we did not receive a termination notice via email four weeks prior to the end of the term, the contract will automatically renew for another year.

Does the software support multiple event organizers?

Yes, pretix is multi-tenancy capable. If you run events in the name of multiple subcompanies, you can handle them all in one pretix installations. Please note that our default pretix Enterprise license does not allow running the software for third-party event organizers. If you want to offer a ticketing service to third parties based on our software, please get in touch for an individual offer.

Is there a discount if I take multiple packages?

If you intend to license multiple feature packages, we are happy to provide you with an individual offer, just get in touch!

Can I run it on a standard webhosting package?

Probably not. You need root access to the system to run pretix properly in most cases.

How do you charge for custom development?

It depends on the desired feature. We might charge by hour, or negotiate a contribution share, depending on how likely it seems that other customers will want that feature as well. We also do not implement any feature that is asked for, but will balance weigh your interests against compatibility concerns and the general direction of our product. But that still leaves a lot of possibilities open – just talk to us!

How much technical knowledge do I need?

To run pretix Community or Enterprise, you need to be able to administrate a Linux server with standard software such as databases and keep it up to date. If you don't feel comfortable with that, we recommend that you use pretix Hosted. Alternatively, we can quote you for management services, if you want us to run it on your server, just get in touch!

Can I run the software on multiple servers?

The prices listed on this page correspond to a license for one server running pretix Enterprise in production. We are happy to make you an offer for a multi-server setup. In any case, you are allowed to run more instances for testing and development purposes.

Any questions?
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