Announcing pretix Marketplace

Nov. 6, 2019

One of pretix biggest strengths has always been our plugin ecosystem. A quick search across GitHub reveals at least 50 plugins that have been created to extend pretix – in addition to the Enterprise plugins offered by us and the custom internal plugins we and many of our customers use.

If you clicked that link in the last paragraph, you will also have noticed that it's quite confusing. The most useful plugins are hidden amongst copies of other plugins, forked repositories, and things that are only loosely connected to pretix. That's why we're happy to finally officially announce a web site that in fact has been around for a couple of months as a quiet test phase:

With this new site, we want to create a central repository of all pretix plugins, available for free or commercially. For now, it provides a list of plugins mostly created by us. However, we want to go a step further: You can sign up for an account yourself and add your pretix plugins to the repository. You don't need to do much, just add a description and a few screenshots. That's it! There's no additional maintainance overhead since we'll automatically pull all new releases of your plugin from the Python Package Index (PyPI).

In the future pretix Marketplace will also become the place to purchase and manage licenses for our pretix Enterprise plugins – but not necessarily only ours. If you're interested in creating paid plugins yourself and selling them through pretix Marketplace, please reach out to us at

We're looking forward to your feedback on pretix Marketplace – and most of all, your plugins!

Raphael Michel

Raphael is the founder and main developer of pretix. He is passionate about user-friendly, elegant software, and when he's not busy building software for conference organizers, he enjoys co-organizing con­fer­en­ces himself.

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