Release 3.6.0 of pretix

Feb. 17, 2020

Today, we are releasing pretix 3.6.0, featuring many small and large improvements throughout pretix itself and a number of old and new plugins. Big thanks go to Alexander Schwartz, András Veres-Szentkirályi, gnomus, Luka, Mie Frydensbjerg, pajowu, and Prokaj Miklós who contributed to this release. ❤️

pretix 3.6.0 is now available for installation via pip. The new docker images will appear on Docker Hub over the next few hours. All customers of pretix Hosted are already using the new version and do not need to take any action.

Attention: pretix 3.6 will (again) likely be the last release of pretix to support Python 3.5, so we encourage you to upgrade to Python 3.6 or newer before the next pretix release.

Payment provider: Adyen

We're happy to announce the release of a new payment provider plugin together with pretix 3.6.0. With Adyen, we've integrated a new payment gateway that supports virtually all well-known payment methods and is specifically tailored to larger customers.

pretixPOS improvements

Our pretixPOS cash register app now supports accepting payments for online purchases. For example, if someone shows up at your event without having paid their ticket order, you can now ask them to pay locally with cash or card and use pretixPOS to correctly issue a receipt and mark the online payment as completed.

Additionally, pretixPOS now supports accepting payments using Stripe Terminal. Right now, Stripe Terminal is only available in the US, but as soon as it's expanded to more countries, it will work with pretix out of the box as well.

New print modes for badges

If your event isn't large enough to require live printing of badges, one option to prepare them is to pre-cut sheets of badge inserts. When exporting badges in pretix, you can now select different types of paper and pretix will automatically correctly align multiple badges on one sheet – you just need to click "Print"!

Integration with Newsletter2Go

In analogy to our MailChimp integration, we created a new plugin that integrates with Newsletter2Go, a Berlin-based newsletter tool company.

Smaller changes and bugfixes

  • New payment methods (Multibanco, Przelewy24, eps, WeChat Pay) can now be used with our Stripe integration.

  • The public event list view now uses the correct time zone for times.

  • It is now possible to configure payment methods to be hidden behind a secret link.

  • When copying events, seats are now copied correctly, too.

  • The amount already paid can now optionally be shown on the invoice.

  • A new option allows to automatically re-issue invoices whenever a user changes their invoice address.

  • The order data export now uses multiple columns for multiple choice questions.

  • The order data export now contains consistent formatting of decimal numbers, as well as a new column with the number of positions.

  • The default ordering of event series dates in the backend has been changed.

  • Malfunctions in the filters of the event list have been fixed.

  • It is now possible to dynamically open the widget.

  • A bug has been fixed that occured when the widget was used on custom domains.

  • The invoice list export now contains payment IDs.

  • The seating plan data schema has been extended to support custom labels for rows and seats.

  • Gift card codes can no longer contain special characters.

  • A second default email design has been added that includes the logo of the event.

  • Invoices are now attached to order change and cancellation emails.

  • The default webserver settings of the docker container have been improved.

  • If an original price is shown in the list of products, it is now never shown in the same line as the actual price.

  • PDF layouts now allow to use arbitrary combinations of parts of the attendee name, e.g. title + first name.

  • Performance of pretix updates has been improved by introducing a cache for CSS compilation.

  • Event slugs can no longer start with non-alphanumeric characters.

  • Checks for file extensions are now case-insensitive.

  • Category selection can now be searched.

  • In single-language events, no more flags are shown in text input fields.

  • Stripe transactions made in reseller mode can now be marked as MOTO transactions.

Updates to official plugins and tools

  • Campaigns has been released in version 1.3.0 featuring a new REST API.

  • Certificates of Attendance has been released in version 1.4.0 to allow attendees to download their own certificates.

  • Reports has been released in version 1.4.2 to fix a bug leading to incorrect results.

  • Resellers has been released in version 1.6.1 to fix a crash.

  • pretixPOS Backend has been released in version 1.6.0 to add compatibility with latest pretixPOS versions.

  • Shipping has been released in version 1.9.1 to fix minor bugs.

  • Tracking has been released in version 1.6.0 to add native Google AdWords support.

  • Seating has been released in version 1.3.0 to add support for custom row and seat labels.

  • BitPay has been released in version 1.4.0 to fix compatibility issues with BTCPayServer.

  • Fontpack Free has been released in version 1.5.0 to add the fonts Baloo Bjaijaan and Tajawal.

  • Mollie has been released in version 1.3.0 to improve support for bank transfer payments.

  • Many other plugins have received minor releases to add new translations or new plugin meta data attributes.

Plugin API changes

REST API changes

Raphael Michel

Raphael is the founder and main developer of pretix. He is passionate about user-friendly, elegant software, and when he's not busy building software for conference organizers, he enjoys co-organizing con­fer­en­ces himself.

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