World-class ticketing for your clients
with our pretix partner program

pretix provides rock-solid ticketing technology, proven at thousands of events all over the world. Let's bring it to more markets – together.

pretix Solution Partner

You recommend pretix to your clients and receive a kickback. Perfect for event agencies, event technicians, hardware manufacturers, event platforms, web designers and consultants.

Your benefits

  • You permanently receive 10 % of the ticketing or license fees the customer pays to us.
    Commissions are only paid in months in which they reach at least €25.
  • Your customers get the full pretix feature set including access to our first-class support and our competitive pricing.
  • We consult you and your clients before the sale to find the perfect solution.
  • You can combine pretix with services supplied by you such as consulting, integration, or hardware.
  • Discounts on hardware purchased from us.
  • Inclusion on our partner list: We recommend you to our customers when they ask for services you offer.


  • You are already in a business relationship with the clients you recommend pretix to, or you recommend pretix in combination with your own products and services.
  • You have already recommended pretix to at least one client successfully.
  • You are a VAT-registered business within the European Union.
    Other countries on request.

pretix Global Partner

You offer pretix Hosted as a reseller combined with other services offered by you in a specific country or to a specific target group.

Your benefits

  • You receive a preferential wholesale price and can offer our services to your customers at your own prices.
  • Ticket shops created by your clients do not link back to pretix, but to your website.
    This backend will have pretix branding as well as your logo.
  • Your customers receive the full pretix feature set combined with support directly from you.
  • We care for all technical tasks such as server operation, backups, monitoring, and security. You receive quick support from us in case of technical problems.
  • Discounts on hardware purchased from us.
  • You receive versions of our pretixSCAN apps with your branding (at additional cost).


  • You help translating pretix' user interface into your local languages and keep the translation up to date.
  • You provide support and additional services such as ticket shipping, hardware, or additional software to your clients.
  • Minimum fee: 250 € per month.
  • Your target group is limited to either a specific geographic region or a specific target group that is not yet targeted by us or our existing partners.
    We currently do not accept Global Partners in German-speaking countries if your target group includes events, museums or swimming pools.

pretix Platform Partner

You offer software or hardware solutions that work great together with pretix and are integrated with pretix through our REST API or plugins. Examples include online event platforms, access control systems, cash registers, payment services, content management systems, CRMs, or accounting software.

Your benefits

  • You receive first-class technical support directly from us.
  • Inclusion on our partner list: We recommend you to our customers when they ask for services you offer.


  • At least one active shared client.
  • Successful quality assessment of your integration by our team.
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