Release 3.17.0 of pretix

March 30, 2021

Today, we are releasing pretix 3.17.0. This release brings a web-based check-in option and lots of small improvements to ticket shop and backend.

Big thanks go to Aksh Gupta, helabasa, lapor-kris, Maarten van den Berg, and Panawat Wong-kleaw who contributed to this release. ❤️

pretix 3.17.0 is now available for installation via pip. The new docker images will appear on Docker Hub over the next few hours. All customers of pretix Hosted are already using the new version and do not need to take any action.

Upgrade note: This is the first version of pretix which requires nodejs and npm to be installed on the system for building pretix. You probably do not need it for a pure installation, but as soon as you install plugins or rebuild assets, you will need it.

Update 2021-04-01 10:30: There is a bug in our 3.17.1 release causing problems during migrations on PostgreSQL. We issued 3.17.2 which fixes the issue.

Web-based check-in (beta)

In addition to our suite of pretixSCAN apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux, pretix now includes a plugin to handle check-in through a web application. This makes a digital check-in more feasible for very small events or when installing software is not an option.

We consider this functionality experimental for now: While most features of our pretixSCAN apps are also available in the new web interface, some (such as badge printing) are not and will likely not become available. The most important downside is the lack of offline support. For larger events we always recommend our apps which allow you to switch to offline mode to keep scanning even if the internet connection or pretix server becomes unavailable.

Smaller changes and bugfixes

Ticket shop and widget

  • The accessibility of the ticket shop has again been substantially improved to make it easier to use for screen reader users. As part of this, the red color in our color scheme has been slightly adjusted.

  • The waiting list can now be configured to ask for names and phone numbers of waiting customers.

  • Confirmation emails sent to customers now include additional details on the purchase such as purchased products and dates.

  • In an event series, a voucher can now be entered in the calendar view before choosing a date.

  • Products only available as part of a bundle are no longer taken into consideration for determining availability of events or dates.

  • The caching mechanism for event availability has been changed, leading to a performance improvement in the shop and a light performance regression in the backend.

  • The order confirmation page now hides some attendee information if no input was provided.

  • A custom text can now be shown as part of the order confirmation message.

  • Widget: The widget now opens the checkout in an iframe regardless of screen size to prevent breakage in iOS WebViews.

  • Widget: The close icon for the widget iframe is now independent of the chosen font.

  • Widget: <pretix-button> is now supported with a subevent attribute but without an item attribute.

  • Widget: A redirect loop has been fixed that occurred when invoking the widget with invalid parameters.

  • Widget: Item quantity input fields are no longer prefilled with a 0 value.

Ticketing backend and configuration

  • A new option allows to hide all dates from an event series that are no longer available for purchase.

  • Bulk-creation of vouchers is now significantly faster.

  • The check-in list CSV export now includes the phone number associated with the order.

  • It is now possible to disable attaching ticket files to order confirmation emails.

  • A bug in the management of organizer-level custom domains has been fixed.

  • Dates and times printed in emails now always use the correct time zone.

  • When reactivating canceled orders, you can now choose to ignore missing quota.

  • Multiple exporters (list of orders, PDF export of all tickets, etc.) now allow to filter by event or order date.

  • A new exporter has been added to download a list of all gift cards.

  • The list of gift cards is now split to multiple tables.

  • Notification emails to backend users about changes in an order now include the net sum of the order as well as the amount and date of products ordered.

  • The quota list exporter now includes a column with the date the quota is valid for.

  • The history view for an order now allows to choose the number of objects per page.

  • When cancelling an order, it is now possible to skip creation of a cancellation invoice.

  • A new event-level "info text" setting has been added that can be re-used in ticket layouts.

  • Clicking a voucher in the list of voucher tags now opens an exact search instead of a substring search.

  • The configurable texts in the "manual payment" payment method now allow to use the placeholder {amount} with the actual payment amount instead of the inaccurate {total} placeholder.

  • A bug leading to corrupt attachment files in our mass-email feature has been fixed.

  • A bug leading to incorrect results when bulk-changing event series dates with quotas has been fixed.

  • A bug causing incorrectly linked image previews has been fixed.

  • A crash during trying to save an invalid tax rule was fixed.

  • A crash caused by invalid characters in invoice addresses has been fixed.

  • A crash while copying events with custom check-in rules has been fixed.

Runtime and server environment

  • The runperiodic command now supports a --exclude parameter to exclude execution of a specific task.

  • The error handling logic for emails now handles more types of errors correctly.

  • Failed admin notifications are now retried later automatically.

Updates to official plugins and tools

  • pretix-tracking has been released in version 2.1.2 to fix a few minor bugs.

Plugin API changes

No changes.

REST API changes

  • The Invoice resource now includes a number of new attributes.

Raphael Michel

Raphael is the founder and main developer of pretix. He is passionate about user-friendly, elegant software, and when he's not busy building software for conference organizers, he enjoys co-organizing con­fer­en­ces himself.

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