Newsletter-Management - support for CleverReach, rapidmail and Sendinblue in pretix

March 11, 2022

As of now it is easier than ever to reach your audience – thanks to support for newsletter management systems CleverReach, rapidmail and Sendinblue in pretix.


To improve upon your customer communication, email newsletters are a good choice. You can stay in touch with your participants beyond the event and share news, new dates, or additional information with them. Today, newsletters are one of the most important tools for event organizers to engage with their audience. pretix already allows to send mailings in the context of individual events, but this functionality is intended for event-related information and not sufficient for a newsletter-based marketing strategy. A full-featured newsletter management system is a much better choice here.

So far it was possible to collect email adresses in pretix and manually import them into the newsletter management system of choice. While pretix offered automated newsletter subscriptions for MailChimp as well as Newsletter2Go by adding a checkbox during checkout to subscribe to the organizer’s newsletter already, we are happy to announce that this easy way of newsletter subscription from within the checkout process is now available for CleverReach, rapidmail and Sendinblue as well.

How it works

As soon as you have activated and configured the plugin for your newsletter management system in your event’s settings, your customers can subscribe to your newsletter by ticking a checkbox during checkout in your pretix shop. After checkout pretix automatically subscribes them to your newsletter management system in the background. Of course an optional Double-Opt-In step, where your customers need to confirm their subscription by email, is supported to comply with all regulations.


The plugins are immediately available to our pretix Hosted customers. To activate them, head to Settings > Plugins > tab „Integration“ in your event. If you are a pretix Enterprise customer or interested in becoming one, please reach out to our sales team at

Richard Schreiber

Developer at pretix with an eye for design and accessibility.

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