Release 4.8.0 of pretix

March 31, 2022

Today, we are releasing pretix 4.8.0. This version brings new features around generating PDF tickets as well as many small improvements throughout the system.

Big thanks go to alroiv, Anna, Augustin Cavalier, DJG Bayern, Emanuele Signoretta, Henry Brink, Ismael Menéndez Fernández, Maico Timmerman, MaLund13, Michał Rokita, and Yuriko Matsunami who contributed to this release. ❤️

pretix 4.8.0 is now available for installation via pip. The new Docker images will appear on Docker over the next few hours. All customers of pretix Hosted are already using the new version and do not need to take any action.

Improved PDF layouts

With this release, we're adding a number of features to our PDF layout editor which you can use to create PDF tickets, badges, or certificates of attendance. Specifically,

  • you can now create multi-page tickets by uploading a background file with multiple pages,

  • you can now create custom text fields with language-dependent content,

  • you can now use dynamic placeholders like {attendee_name} in custom text fields,

  • you can now create QR codes with other content than the default ticket code,

  • you can now select all objects on one page by pressing Ctrl + A, and

  • you can now download the currently uploaded page background again.

Smaller changes and bugfixes

Ticket shop and widget

  • You can now allow your attendees to see the number of check-ins on their order confirmation page.

  • An issue with phone numbers not being saved during customer account creation has been fixed.

  • If a customer is logged in to their account, the name stored in the account will now only be pre-filled for the first ticket of the cart instead of all tickets.

  • Date and time form fields now work properly with Arabic locale.

  • Various optical issues have been fixed around the voucher redemption view.

  • Custom favicons are now shown correctly in Safari.

  • If an add-on is selected multiple times for the same base products, the lines are now grouped into one line into the cart view.

  • When using the bank transfer plugin, the IBAN is now formatted into readable blocks in the email that is sent to the customer.

  • Phone number prefixes are now correctly sorted by localized country names even with non-ASCII characters (e.g. "Österreich" is now sorted after O instead of the end of the list).

  • If an event only allows self-service cancellation for unpaid orders, it is now no longer possible to cancel orders which are partially paid.

  • An issue with passing phone numbers through the widget data mechanism has been fixed.

  • An issue with switching months in the widget has been fixed.

  • Faulty email placeholders provided by plugins are no longer able to crash the entire email sending process.

Ticketing backend and configuration

  • We've updated the layout of the "Plugins" page within event settings menu to make it easier to find plugins you are looking for and discover plugins you might not yet know.

  • A compatibility issue with two-factor authentication based on Apple TouchID has been fixed.

  • When cancelling an event, you can now opt to create manual refunds for all orders, even if an automatic refund would be possible.

  • When splitting an order, it is now no longer possible to split add-ons and base products inconsistently.

  • When creating many vouchers, a proper error message is now issued if a voucher code is contained in the uploaded list multiple times.

  • The order history of a denied order will now show the reason for denying the order if available

  • The screen asking for the distribution of a refund over multiple available payment methods now shows the total refund amount for reference.

  • An issue has been fixed that prevents changing email sender settings with custom SMTP without changing the SMTP password.

  • PDF editor: You can now print the issuance and expiry date of a gift card in a ticket layout.

  • PDF editor: If a ticket is generated for an add-on product, and the layout includes a seat number, the seat number of the parent product will now be used.

  • You can now export a list of your events.

  • An issue has been fixed with the form validation of event-level exporters.

  • An issue has been fixed with missing date picker components in the product variation editor.

  • An issue has been fixed with anonymizing user accounts.

  • The ordering of categories in the list of products has been fixed.

  • When a ticket layout is deleted, the PDF background is now only deleted from the server if it is not (wrongly) used in any copied events.

  • Bank statements in MT940 format can now have the .mta file extension.

Runtime and server environment

No changes.

Updates to official plugins and tools

  • pretixSCAN Desktop has been released in version 1.13.0 to support the new PDF layout features.

  • pretixPRINT Android has been released in version 2.6.1 to support the new PDF layout features, and add support for Brother QL label printers.

  • pretixSCAN Android has been released in version 1.13.4 to fix some bugs.

  • pretixPOS Android has been released in version 3.0.4 to fix bugs.

  • The COVID certificates plugin has been released in version 2.2.0 to enable Nuvaxovid by default and add a new ruleset.

  • The Double Opt In Step plugin has been released in version 1.1.0 to allow limiting the feature to specific sales channels.

  • The Mailchimp plugin has been deprecated in favor of the new Newsletters plugin which supports other providers as well.

  • The PAYONE plugin has been released in version 1.2.0 to support more payment options and restrict the available credit card types.

  • The Resellers plugin has been released in version 2.3.0 to allow searching in past transactions.

  • The Saferpay plugin has been released in version 1.3.1 to fix a bug in refunding.

  • The Seating plugin has been released in version 1.6.9 to fix minor issues.

  • The SEPA debit plugin has been released in version 2.0.2 to fix issues with reminder emails.

  • The Service fees plugin has been released in version 1.8.0 to allow more options to fine-tune per-ticket service fees.

Plugin API changes

  • "Restricted" plugins can now be activated by non-superusers on event level, but need to be "whitelisted" by a superuser for the organizer.

  • installed() is no longer called on plugins during cloning of events.

REST API changes

  • API clients using the device authentication method can now send a JSON object info with arbitrary information about the device's state. This can later be used by server-side plugins.

  • PATCH requests on the order position resource now support the item, variation, subevent, seat, price, and tax_rule properties.

  • POST requests on the order position resource are now supported, allowing to add a position to an existing order.

  • A new special endpoint on orders allows to perform a wide range of complex operations to change an existing order, similarly to the features provided in our backend.

  • A bug has been fixed that prevented running organizer exports using OAuth access tokens.

  • We clarified that we don't consider error messages to be a stable API and the body of responses with code 4xx or 5xx may change in the future in backwards-incompatible ways.

  • Our exhibitors plugin now has a documented API.

Raphael Michel

Raphael is the founder and main developer of pretix. He is passionate about user-friendly, elegant software, and when he's not busy building software for conference organizers, he enjoys co-organizing con​fer​en​ces himself.

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