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April 19, 2022

We're proud to officially present a new feature today that we've been working on behind the scenes for quite a while and that we've been using with some test customers in the last months: Our new app pretixLEAD.

pretixLEAD is our very own built-in solution for lead collection and lead scanning. Lead scanning means that, mostly at trade fairs and conferences, exhibitors are able to scan the badges of attendees and receive digital contact information of those attendees. This not only saves paper, but mostly a lot of effort on their side. After scanning the badge, exhibitors can also take a note on their conversation or score the lead on a scale of 1 to 5, so they later have all relevant information available for their post-event sales pipeline.

The following video we created to explain the feature to your attendees, highlights how simple the process is:

And for you as the organizer, it's just as simple:

If you're already using pretix, only very few steps are required to start providing this added benefit to your exhibitors. First, you need to add a QR code to your printed attendee badges, which is especially easy if you are already printing them with pretixSCAN. Then, you need to create an individual access code for every exhibitor within our new "exhibitors" plugin. Everything else is already ready to go.

As a kickstart offer for the new product, pretixLEAD is free of charge until end of June 30, 2022. After that, additional pricing of €25 per exhibitor will apply. We will only charge you for exhibitors who actually use pretixLEAD, and not those who received an access code but never scanned a single badge.

Usually, we try to include all our features in our regular price of 2.5% of ticket sales, but in this case we think a separate pricing is fair. On one hand, this brings such a big value to exhibitors that we expect many event organizers to charge their exhibitors for this as well. On the other hand, many trade fairs are mostly making their profit through selling exhibitor spots, while attendees pay little to none ticket fees, which makes it hard for us to keep up with our regular business model. Please feel free to contact us for discounts if you have an event with a large number of exhibitors.

If pretixLEAD sounds like a great fit for your event, please reach out to your person of contact on our team and we'll be happy to show you how you can make the most of it!

Raphael Michel

Raphael is the founder and main developer of pretix. He is passionate about user-friendly, elegant software, and when he's not busy building software for conference organizers, he enjoys co-organizing con​fer​en​ces himself.

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